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World football agent is a trusted players agent of high quality with many worldwide relations.  


We say it's not enough that we do our best; Sometimes we have to do what's required.


We act as a neutral agency , We can find specific players for the clubs and act as a trusted players agent to find clubs for the players.

In case of any clarifications please feel free to contact us.

Brian Lehmann (Right - the player left is Frank Lampard). 

(Owner of World Football Agent)


Brian Lehmann is a Danish Registrated club & players Agent. Registrated by the Danish Football Association.


Email : [email protected]


Elias Germano, (Brasilian)

(Partner in World Football Agent) 

Former Proff player in Germany, Belgium and the Nederlands.


Elias is situated in the Nederlands , visiting Brazil doing scouting and Training seccions.